Madeleine grew up an only child in a small Massachusetts town where nature was her escape from the chaos of her early life. The heavily wooded forest, lake beaches, and neighborhood trails were her saving grace. A place where she could connect with something greater than herself and leave the worries of her life behind. She got lost in the sound of the waves and the endless bird song among the tree tops.

Suffering with depression and anxiety from a young age, the energy of nature became her medicine before she even knew it to be true. Being in nature was the one true remedy that soothed her mind, body, and soul.

In February of 2017, her whole world came crashing around her when her father passed away from lung cancer. He was and still is her greatest motivator and supporter. While having to re-navigate life in a whole new way, she found herself studying the wonders of Earth more closely and intimately. This is where she began to learn of their truly magical properties. She gained a greater awareness of all the wisdom and healing Mother Nature has to offer us. While cultivating a deeper connection to the Earth, she found her way back to the light within herself which saved her from the dark depths of grief. On this journey, she discovered her passion for natural medicine and sharing it with others.

Earth Soul Elements became something much bigger than just her. It was created with people like Madeleine in mind. Looking for support, guidance, and tools to help her navigate life. Not only during the challenging times but also allowing her to feel joy amongst the chaos. We cannot avoid the challenges, but rather cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and our needs to help us get through it.  Along the way, we find people that help us too and that is why we are here today. To learn together, heal together, and R I S E together.


Intentional Jewelry

Crystals are created beneath the earths surface and contain very potent energy that can assist us with all aspects of life. They are structurally stable and can offer different levels of support. Whether you are looking for something to complement your meditation practice, raise your vibration, ground you into the present moment, or to simply adorn your beautiful temple we know as the human body - intentional jewelry can provide you with what you need. These magical pieces can be created to support you with a specific intention you are focusing on as well as add beauty to your life. Each piece is one of a kind and is created with an abundance of love and intention. They can be a lovely reflection of you and your individuality and are a gentle reminder to be true to yourself.

Sacred Space

A sacred space can be the perfect place to set intentions and cultivate a deeper connection to yourself. This space can be anything you want it to be and its all YOURS. Here, the five elements all come together to create magic. Earth, wind, fire, water, and spirit. Earth may be portrayed with crystals, flower, stones, or even a picture of someone you love. Our body is a reflection of the earth and can be a great tool to connect more deeply with the natural world around us. Each element may be depicted by any items you choose that bring meaning. There is no right or wrong way to create your sacred space.

Energetic Healing

As vibrational beings, we are affected by everything around us whether we realize it or not. The phone in your hand, the person you sit next to on the bus, and the thoughts you have in your mind all have an affect on our well being. Now knowing this, we can take steps to clear out all of the energy that is not our own. We can create a practice in which we cleanse and reprogram ourselves to experience joy in everything we do. With the support of crystal healing, Reiki energy healing, flower essences, and essential oils there is the possibility of coming back to our center and living a life of true authenticity.